How to make: Homemade Fruity Ice Cream

My children and I love ice cream! I bet you love it too! Here’s a fool proof, do-it-yourself ice cream recipe that will make you do all flavors using your favorite fruits in season! Yummy and healthier than any store-bought ones. ❤️
Here’s how:

1. Chill 2 tetra packs of all purpose cream overnight or until set. Do not freeze. 

2. Chill fruits.

3. Using your blender, purée fruits, add chilled cream and pulse until double in volume. A stand or hand mixer will make the output better but a blender will do if mixer is not available. 

4. Add condensed milk as sweetener– amount depends on how sweet you want your ice cream to be. I use only 3/4 of a 390 grams can. Blend until well incorporated.

5. Pour in a tub, freeze and enjoy!!!
Here are some flavors we’ve tried and loved:

Avocado 😋😋😋

And strawberry!! ❤️🍓❤️

Try it soon and let me know how you loved it. 😊

Sweet summer cheers!!!